• A: General
  • B: Fixtures
  • C: Match Ball
  • D: Scoreboard
  • E: Time Of Start Of Play
  • F: Duration Of Play (Uninterrupted)
  • G: Duration Of Play (Interrupted)
  • H: Umpires & Scorers
  • I: Players
  • J: Bowlers
  • K: League Points
  • L: League Positions
  • M: Knock-Out Results
  • N: Result Sheets
  • O: Promotion & Relegation
  • P: League Trophies
  • Q: Finals & Presentations
  • R: Fitness Of Ground For Play
  • S: Discipline


(a) Captains should be aware of all Rules of Play. They must not agree any arrangement which is not in accordance with these Rules.

(b) All matches should be of one innings duration, played under the ECB and MCC Laws of Cricket, including experimental Laws for all grades of cricket, except as may be otherwise provided for in these Rules. This includes the Changes to Laws in 2000 Code, except The League will not be using the penalty runs for unfair play.


(a) Fixtures will be made by The Honorary Secretary and will be issued to Members every year for the following season.

(b) In the event of the home side's ground being unfit, the game may be transferred to the opponent's ground.

(c) All matches will be played on the specified dates including the KO competitions

(d) In the event that inclement weather rules out a knock-out game, then the Webmaster and Honorary Secretary should be advised as to when the game is to be played. The game shall be played before the scheduled date of the next round of the Competition, or at the discretion of the Management Committee.

(e) Matches may be re-arranged for any reason if both teams agree, and the match takes place in the same week as the original fixture, unless it involves a club participating in the Southern Electric T20 Cup Competition, then the match may be arranged by the following Thursday without fail. If both Clubs fail to agree the decision will be left to the League Secretary, who will revert back to the original date of the match unless it involves a club participating in the Southern Electric competition, then the following Thursday rule will apply. If a Club fails to fulfil the defaulting club or clubs will forfeit the match. The Web Master and Honorary Secretary must be informed of any re-arrangement.

Match Ball

The match ball and any replacement will be provided by the home club and will be of good quality acceptable to both Captains. The match ball will be used throughout the match unless a replacement becomes necessary. An orange or white ball may be used if both captains agree.


In addition to the usual information, the scoreboard will indicate the number of each completed overs.

Time Of Start Of Play

Except due to inclement weather, time of start for matches will not be later than 6.15pm. Club are permitted to start earlier by mutual arrangement or by order of the Committee. If a member fails to start on time, please read rule G, Clause 3 in the Constitution.

Duration Of Play (Uninterrupted)

The duration of play shall be 18 (six ball) overs to each side unless all out, a result is obtained or both captains agree to reduce the overs to 15 per side. No declaration is permitted.

Duration Of Play (Interrupted)

(a) In the event of play being interrupted by the weather, or any other cause, the Umpires/Captains may agree to reduce the second innings to a minimum of 15 overs, with the target score calculated by simple run rate. (i.e. runs divided by overs). Anything less than 15 overs will constitute a No Result.

(b) If the first innings is foreshortened for any reason other than dismissal of the batting side then the game will be void and not be counted as a result.

Umpires & Scorers

(a) Each member club in a League or knock-out match will be expected to provide an Umpire (who has received some suitable training). The exception being the Finals and Semi Finals of the Cup and Plate competitions, where the League may provide the umpires. A scorer shall also be provided for all matches by the member clubs.

(b) In the event of an Umpire and/or Scorer not being present, the match will proceed under arrangements to be made by the Captains and the result will count.

(c) All teams must have a scorer and complete their own record of every match even if a player does it whilst batting and at the last resort copies the book at the end of the match. The start time be put on the result sheet and a reason for a late start to be given. Clubs may be fined for not having a scorer if a complaint that a lone scorer was not being helped is upheld. It was decided that The League would deal with any scoring complaints as they saw fit.


(a) In the event of there being clubs with more than one team, then no player may play for more than one team in any one season. A player playing for other sides may obtain permission of the Committee to transfer to another member club, and providing he/she has not played on or more than three matches for a club he/she is transferring from. A fee of £10 to be paid by the club accepting the player by transfer.

(b) No payments shall be made to players for representing clubs in the League or Knockout Cup.

(c) No player shall be eligible to play in the League or Knockout Cup if he has played in first-class cricket during the current or previous season. Players who represent Minor County sides are not classed as first-class players. No player shall be eligible to play in the Knockout Cup if he/she has played for another side in the League following a transfer.

(d) One overseas player shall be allowed per team for Premier Division teams only, and only in league matches. This player shall be nominated prior to the seasons commencement.

(e) No player shall be eligible to play in the League or Knockout Cup if he/she has played for another side in the League following a transfer.

(f) No club can play players from the date of the Cup Semi Finals in any League or Cup match unless the player has played a minimum of two Border League games earlier in that current season, or is a bone fide Saturday or Sunday member of that Club.


(a) Number of Overs per match whether 15 or 18 overs or in the event of an abandonment; Maximum Number of Overs per Bowler - 4 (four)

(b) The Bowler's approach must be within a straight 15 yards from the bowling crease and a line drawn to mark this fact. Failure will result in a no-ball. If there is no line marked both captains and Umpires will ensure some sort of mark is made before the start.

(c) A bowler may not bowl underarm.

(d) The Hampshire Cricket League rules for no balls will be applied in all Border League matches.

(e) Only 5 fielders at any time in the match may be outside a "circle" at the instant the ball is bowled. This shall be marked by plastic discs not more than 5 yards apart on the field of play, with a radius of 30 yards from the middle stumps at either end, with each semicircle joined by a straight line of discs. This shall apply in all competitions. If there is an infringement either umpire shall call and signal "No Ball".

League Points

(a) Result

Win: 2 points

No Result: 1 point

Tie: 1 point

Lost: 0 points


1. Net run rate will decide league positions when teams have equal points.

2. If a team is bowled out, net run rate will be calculated using the allocated balls and not the number of balls bowled.

(b) In the event of a team conceding a League Match, 2 points will be awarded to their opponents, and zero points to the team conceding. A fine of £30 will be levied. If a team defaults a second time a fine of £60 will be levied and the defaulting team will have 20 points deducted from their tally in the league table.

League Positions

League positions will be decided on average points gained in completed matches. In the event of teams being equal, the following shall be taken to determine a position:

(a) Most number of wins.

(b) Net run rate for completed matches.

(c) The results between the two sides in league matches during the season.

(d) Most runs scored in the two matches involving the two teams.

(e) Most wickets taken in the two matches involving the two teams.

Knock-Out Results

Knock-out matches ending in a tie shall be decided in favour of the side losing fewer wickets.

If the match is still tied the side with the most runs at the end of their 12th over shall be the winner

If this fails a bowl out shall take place if weather allows.

Bowl out - 5 players nominated from each side shall each bowl one ball at the wicket from the same end - the side hitting the wicket more often shall be the winner. If the scores are still level then it shall continue on sudden death until a result is achieved. A no ball shall count as a ball bowled but cannot count as a point if the wicket is hit. No bowler who has bowled can bowl again until all 11 players have bowled.


Scorers are asked to keep a record of the score at the end of each over in all cup matches. If in the umpires opinions alone the weather or light do not permit or they fail before a bowl out result is decided then the correct call at the toss of a coin by the umpire shall decide the winner as a last resort. If circumstances demand then it need not be the match pitch used for the bowl out. To save time one wicket keeper who need not have played will stand away from the stumps only to return the ball promptly. No bowler shall have a trial run up. The run up shall comply with the limited length in the BL regulations and be a no-ball if contravened.

Result Sheets

(a) Result sheets will be provided by the League by e-mail. Each club is responsible for printing sufficient sheets for the season. They are to be completed including players' full names including Forenames, names (showing all batsman who did not bat) and signed by both Captains at the close of the match.

See Guidelines for completion of Results Sheet All results must reach the results secretary within 48 hours of completion of the match.

(b) The home club will send the complete Result Sheet to the Webmaster within 48 hours of the match. If posted the envelope to bear the postmark of the day after the game was played.

In the event the game is not played or completed, then the home club shall post/e-mail/fax the sheet stating the reasons for non-play or non-completion. If there is no play at all due to inclement weather the result secretary/webmaster will accept a phone call or text message from the Home team giving the teams and the fact there was no play, or Result sheet if sent. If there was play and the game was then abandoned, a result sheet will be needed for statistical purposes. The Secretary and webmaster will accept results sheets by Post or E-mail by scan or photograph.

(c) In the event of an incomplete or ineligible scoresheet, the Webmaster will return for it to be completed, and the result will not appear on the web site until it's return.

Promotion & Relegation

If more than one Division exists, then the procedure for promotion and relegation will involve one team being promoted and one team relegated. Any other promotion and relegation will be at the discretion of the Committee.

League Trophies

The Border League Premier Division, Division One, Division Two, Cup and Plate trophies are to be returned to the Committee by 30th June each year.

Finals & Presentations

The final of the knock-out competitions will be held at a venue decided by the Committee during the League season. The presentation of all League trophies will take place after the Final of the League Cup.

Fitness Of Ground For Play

In the event of a disagreement, the home team has the final say as to the fitness of their pitch for play or otherwise. The final decision being up to the Groundsman or, in his absence, the Home Captain. If any away team refuses to play, they will have one game added to their results, thus having the effect of reducing that team's points average. The home team's game will be counted as void therefore having no effect on their average points. When late cancellations by away clubs occur, the Home club can be reasonably recompensed, and if Clubs fail to agree, The Committee will intervene and decide.


The Discipline Procedure of The Border League to run alongside the ECB Disciplinary Model Rules. It is to be used as the framework for dealing with disciplinary issues of The Border League.

ECB model rules were adopted to follow HCL procedure.