Constitution (Last Updated: 6th January 2015)
  • A: Title
  • B: Officers & Management Committee
  • C: Membership
  • D: Subscriptions
  • E: Resignations
  • F: Complaints
  • G: Fines
  • H: Fees
  • I: Annual General Meeting
  • J: Extraordinary General Meeting
  • K: Proceedings At General Meeting
  • L: Accounts
  • M: Club Information & Correspondence
  • N: Dissolution


The name of the League, hereinafter called "The League", shall be The Taurus Hampshire Border Cricket League.

The term "Member club" used in this Constitution shall denote a club duly elected to the Membership of the League.

Officers & Management Committee

The Officers of the League shall be :-

1. Chairman

2. Vice-Chaiman

3. Honorary Secretary

4. Honorary Treasurer

The League shall be governed by a Management Committee (herein called the Committee) consisting of the above listed officers, and additional committee as elected.

Voting rights are accorded to all officials except the Vice-Presidents, and the Chairman will have an extra vote to be used as a casting vote when necessary.

All Officers are duly elected annually at the Annual General Meeting after having indicated to the Annual General Meeting their willingness to serve. All are eligible for re-election without re-nomination at the next following Annual General Meeting.

The Committee shall meet as required during the year and will be responsible for the government of the League within the frame-work of the League rule, and will act with the League authority in any matter not provided for in the Rules.

The Committee may appoint sub-committees, and an emergency committee with the power to act in exceptional circumstances. It also has power to co-opt and to fill vacancies occurring on the Committee between Annual General Meetings.

No business shall be conducted by the Committee without a quorum of at least three League officials being present. The Committee may submit proposals to any General Meeting of the League after due notice has been given to Members in writing, fax or e-mail.


The League will admit membership to any bona-fide club whose entry is approved by the Committee. The clubs eligible to compete in the Border Cricket League must be within a 10-mile radius of the town of Romsey to the north, west and south of the town, and outside the Southampton City boundary to the east. The League agrees to extend to such clubs the rights and privileges as are prescribed in these rules, and the member club binds itself to meet such responsibilities as the League from time to time prescribes in accordance with the provisions of these rules. Applications for membership shall be sent to the Honorary Secretary in writing and received no later than the 31st October each year.


The Committee will keep the subscriptions rate under review and proposed annual charges for the coming season at the Annual General Meeting. The entry fee for the forthcoming season will be fixed at the AGM. All entry fees to be paid by 1st April each year and clubs paying after that date will have to pay the entry fee and an additional fee of £10.


A member club, giving written notice to The Honor-ary Secretary, may resign at any time, but clubs resigning after an Annual General meeting shall be liable to a fine of £25 per team withdrawn.


Any member club wishing to lodge a complaint regarding the playing of a fixture by any member club must do so in writing over the signatures of the Club Secretary and another Officer of the Club, addressed to The Honorary Secretary for the attention of the Management Committee and to be received by him within five days of the event. The Management Committee shall adjudicate, and the decision shall be final and binding. All parties have the right to a personal appearance before the Committee if they so desire.


Subject to the Committee being satisfied as to the responsibility, scales of fine shall be automatic.

1. Failure by a club to keep a fixture for reasons other than weather shall receive no points, and the fixture will count for that team as a completed match for the calculation of average points, and the team will be liable to a fine of £20. The other team involved will have no penalties, and will be awarded the average total points of a win by all teams the previous season, as worked out by the Committee and given out at the AGM. The average total points remain at 18 points. In the event the match is a knockout, the defaulting club will forfeit the match and will not be eligible to enter the Plate Competition and will also be liable to a fine.

2. Failure to be represented at a General Meeting - £20.

3. Late start for reasons other than weather :-

Forfeit of the toss, a change in the duration of the game, and the offending club(s) may be liable to a fine to be decided by The Committee.

4. Failure to post a completed result sheet to The Honorary Secretary, within the Rules of Play, to be received by The Honorary Secretary not later than 48 hours following the match, a fine of £20 will be incurred.

5. Clubs must return all Trophies won in the preceding season by 1st July of the next season. Any Club failing to do this will be fined £20.

6. Other fines as the committee see fit for any other breaking of rules etc., will be decided as appropriate.

7. All fines to be paid to The Honorary Treasurer within 28 days of the date of notice. For repeated offences, or failure to pay within the time limit, fines may be increased by The Committee.


Clubs shall pay a fee of £10 on the request to transfer a player from any other member club, subject to Rule I in the Playing Conditions.

Annual General Meeting

1. The Annual General Meeting of The League will be held not later than the end of November at a place and time decided by the Committee.

2. Notice of every Annual General Meeting, together with the Agenda will be circulated to Members at least 14 days before the date of the meeting.

3. Proposed alterations to rules, and other proposals, including nominations for the Committee, will be considered at the Annual General Meeting subject to written notice by a member, with the name of at least one other Member having agreed to support the proposal(s) being given to The Honorary Secretary before the first day of October each year.

4. No proposal to change, delete or add to the Constitution or Rules of Play will be deemed carried unless it receives not less that two thirds of the votes cast. Other proposals will be carried on a simple majority of votes cast.

Extraordinary General Meeting

1. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at the discretion of The Committee or on receipt by the Honorary Secretary of a request signed by at least 50% of the Members.

2. Notice of any Extraordinary General Meeting and its Agenda shall be circulated to all Members at least 14 days before the date of the meeting.

3. No proposal will be deemed carried unless it receives two thirds of the votes cast.

Proceedings At General Meeting

1. No business shall be conduced without a quorum of at least 50% of members clubs being present.

2. Each member club may have one or more representatives at the General Meeting, but only one may vote.

3. Voting shall be taken by a show of hands, but if the voting is challenged, or at the discretion of The Chairman, a ballot shall be taken.


1. A bank account shall be kept in the name of The Border Cricket League at a bank approved by the Committee, into which all monies received on behalf of The League shall be paid by The Honorary Treasurer.

2. Accounts for payment will be certified by The Honorary Treasurer and the Secretary and cheques therefore will be signed by two of the Officers, The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

3. Payments by Members should be by cheque or Postal order, payable to The Border Cricket League.

4. The accounts of The League shall be kept by The Honorary Treasurer and such accounts shall be audited annually by the Auditors appointed by The Committee for the Annual General Meeting. For that purpose, the accounts will be closed on the 31st October in each year.

Club Information & Correspondence

Member clubs shall advise the Honorary Secretary of all changes of Club Secretary and of club information for the League Information Sheet, as soon as they occur. Members shall also deal promptly with League correspondence.


In the event of The League being wound up, a final statement of accounts will be prepared and audited. The surplus revealed shall be distributed equally amongst paid up Members.